Virgin Galactic’s first flight completed safely with its passengers including the owner – Richard Branson (News)

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Virgin Galactic First Flight Completed!

Hello everyone! Virgin Galactic’s first flight is completed. Let us know more about it and the billionaire behind the project, Sir Richard Branson.

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Today, we bring the second one of the four special Articles from CrispyTech, your favorite website. The first one was already published, and it was a blog article, so that this one will be detailed coverage of the first space flight by the Virgin Galactic Space shuttle. So, let us start today’s supreme grade article (Not swords, you OPTards!) about another billionaire spending his money to build his own NASA (Just kidding, of course, duh!)

Richard Branson – The Billionaire who got famous for following Elon Musk

His Twitter bio identifies him as a tie-loathing adventurer, surprisingly a philanthropist, and quite certainly a Troublemaker. Richard believes in his own ideas and tries to convert them into reality. With that amount of confidence in mind, he certainly went up ahead and paced up his exploration program to space with the help of his vast amount of wealth and a friend of the same level of enthusiasm – Elon Musk. Branson is now dubbed as Dr. Yes in his own Space Exploration Company – Virgin. And not to forget the prestigious knight title from the Queen of England, the billionaire is to be quoted as ‘Sir Richard Branson.’.

Richard believes it is necessary to do what one loves and wants to do sincerely because – “We spent most of our waking lives at work.”

Richard started everything in the 70s. After more than 50 years, he controls a major corporation that looks at over 400 different companies worldwide. Richard Branson was always the first one to take the initiative and tried to make that a reality. He started his first entrepreneurship at the age of 16, the age where you and I are playing off. Soon, his group started expanding as he jumped from Records to Airlines to Space Shuttles today. He was way ahead of his time when in 2004, he decided to go with Space Explorations leaving other things behind though they were more profitable.

Let us learn more about the man from Virgin Galactic’s first flight.

Virgin Galactic’s first flight – Another giant leap for humanity (Or, is it?)

The day started with a tweet from the billionaire himself with his friend Musk waiting with excitement for their next big step towards space flights. The event (Virgin Galactic’s first flight) took place at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The first set of passengers have successfully gone on a flight and returned home safely. Upon returning from the flight, the billionaire said the age of space exploration has finally come and will be available for everyone pretty soon, though that is up for debate.

Virgin Galactic’s first flight started at 8.30 AM local time from VMS Eve, the mothership named after the mother of the billionaire. The mothership went up to 36000 feet before detaching the Unity. Unity reached Mach 3 and reached the highest altitude of the spaceship at about 280,000 feet.

It was planned that the flight would have a mid-air speech. However, it was impossible due to the transmission problem, though the crew enjoyed the microgravity effect. After the flight, Branson exclaimed that it was nothing as he expected and nothing he ever experienced from earth could match up to the feelings of the space.

Alien in Virgin Galactic’s first flight, Huh?

During the question-answer session after Virgin Galactic’s first flight, someone asked them whether they saw anything during their flight. Richard replied by saying they saw an alien that the pilot shook off while descending. Ah, not everyone believed him, though.

Look at his realization status after the space journey:

History of Virgin Galactic’s first flight – Failure is the pillar of success

This is not the first test flight (Virgin Galactic’s first flight is the first for Unity) for the space exploration company. They had tried their first attempt before anyone else in 2014. However, they failed miserably with one casualty. Dubbed as SpaceShipTwo, the flight experienced what we call the ‘in-flight anomaly,’ though the exact causes were never revealed or remained unknown. Richard had designed this for Space Tourism at a hefty price per ticket.

After 4 years of the first failed attempt, they managed to touch the edge of the space for the first time. The speed of that spaceship had reached Mach 2.9, and the name was still the same – SpaceShipTwo. The highest amount of altitude that the ship reached was over 50 miles. The pilots got their title of Astronauts without any doubt.

The Competition between two billionaires – Out of our reach and understanding

Jeff Bezos is another name (former CEO of Amazon) familiar in personal space agency setup. He is in ‘friendly’ competition with the Knight of England in his space voyage. Though there is a clear-cut denial of any bit of rivalry between the two from both of them, we cannot ignore the fact that Richard went ahead of one of the richest men on the planet on space exploration, maybe even just by some weeks. The personal rivalry is not affecting the journey to space, though.

Can you afford this?

No, generally. And knowing this, Richard has partnered up with Omaze to give you a chance to get a glimpse of the space. You and one of your friends can – GO TO SPACE, of course! That is if you win the draw after entering the lottery. The link is HERE, go and enter the ultimate dream of yours to make it true.

Conclusion to Virgin Galactic’s first flight

People are raging about this worldwide that billionaires are just focusing on going to space rather than solving the problems here on earth, like climate change, global warming, poverty, unemployment, etc. Some others are pretty much dreamer-like and hopeful that there will be a radical change in the space industry, and we might be living off on another planet in a century, though that is up to debate. Right now, all we can do is applaud them for their amazing feat and ask them to take part in earthly good things too, and help the poor and needy people.

Till then, keep flying in space with Virgin Galactic’s first flight, second, third, and so on!

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