YouTube Recommender AI is disgusting – A black shadow of mystery unveils! (Blog)

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YouTube's Recommender AI is disgusting!

YouTube Recommender AI detailed study. The truth behind the most disturbing algorithm on the planet.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. We are now presenting you with a series of four masterpieces from our side. There will be four best articles titled CrispyTech Specials,’ and two of them will be blog articles, and the rest two will be news. Today, we are writing the first of the four supreme quality – A Blog about YouTube Recommender AI.

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YouTube – A Sneak Peek into the World’s Largest Streaming Platform (Netflix coughs…)

YouTube is basically the best platform for video content streaming and uploading right now; it is changing millions of lives and training us to become better videographers and cinematographers. Having said that, every platform has its own problems and miseries. Some of the sides of YouTube are still too underdeveloped, and one of those black shadows of YouTube is the Recommendation Algorithm.

The YouTube Recommender AI is so poor that suddenly, everyone starts to get recommended a certain video with no logic whatsoever of being recommended. That too, after maybe even the creator of the video themself dies. So, today we examine the accusations and reports, facts (or rumors) about the YouTube Recommender AI thoroughly and give our honest opinion at the end.

YouTube Recommender AI – The worst example of an algorithm

YouTube started its journey back in 2005, and within less than two decades, they have been engulfed by Google (Ughh!) and turned into the giant of Entertainment. But, with every success stories come to some shadows of bitter truth. Let us jump right on to them:

The main criticism against the YouTube Recommender AI

How many times have you seen videos that are not only irrelevant but also terrible, ill-thought, and disgusting to such a degree that made you think – What is YouTube trying to do? Exactly. That is the main accusation that stands against YouTube. A simple person trying to watch a simple MKBHD video, but what does he receive? “Violence in X places caused Y damages,” Reported Z Channel.

The amount of hate speech roaming around on YouTube is beyond measure. It feels like if anywhere a law against freedom of speech should be enacted, it is on platforms like YouTube. People are literally trying to sound like a rotten part of the society here. Nobody can do their job quietly or peacefully here. Some of the forms of videos that get recommended to the users falling under the category of extremism are:

  1. Hate Speech
  2. Abusive Videos
  3. Conspiracy Theories
  4. Political Extremism
  5. Misleading and/or Clickbait Videos

Such videos make the platform unhealthy and unreliable. In contrast, both they and the creators of such videos are being profited constantly from these click-baited contents, which are neither appreciable nor the righteous thing to do.

The charge against YouTube has just gotten stronger and stronger as days pass by. The YouTube Recommender AI is so bad today that all kinds of bad practices get past the censorship and are demotivating and destroying our society’s youth.

How does YouTube maintain this disgusting Algorithm for their profit?

YouTube has the greatest barrier between them and us or any law enforcing agency – The Professional Privacy Policy that allows them to keep their algorithm a secret and bypass all sorts of allegations towards them as a fluke or a mistake in the system. In contrast, we all know it is certainly the opposite; the system is the mistake. That being said, nobody can touch this huge monster of media and streaming due to its rights being protected by some invisible border.

How to solve this miserable problem of YouTube Recommender AI?

We do have some sorts of possible steps to take to keep YouTube a safer place for everybody. You do not have to be an exceptional individual to understand what is wrong or what is right; in fact, you need to have what we call – ‘Common Sense.’ Exactly! That is why we need to enforce laws that will enable us and the common users and the open-source developers to question, repair, and pass on the existing algorithm and make it better for the greater purpose of wellbeing.

The possible fixes for the YouTube Recommender AI might be:

  1. Enforcing a public law over digital content censorship.
  2. Ensuring YouTube follows the transparency policies properly and reveals their algorithm.
  3. Making YouTube pay for whatever they fail to moderate on their end.
  4. Enabling Independent Researchers and Developers to participate in making the algorithm better.
  5. Giving the viewers full control over their YouTube Feed to make sure they get what they want.

Some of the worst examples of the YouTube Recommender AI

Remember Logan Paul? The viral YouTuber who seemingly destroyed his whole Career after a video of him mocking a dead person in the suicide forest of Japan went viral on YouTube. He now seems to be back with a different vibe, but that does not matter. After the video went viral, within only a day, he took the video down. But that was not enough for YouTube to make money. So, everyone, literally everyone were getting these cheap copies of the original video of Logan, and YouTube was enjoying recommending the video to them. Even sources claim to have used YouTube in incognito mode after completely clearing everything from the device and yet getting the video of the young YouTuber.

Incidents like these are normal for YouTube. Child abusing videos are often spotted on the platform before it is taken down after numerous reports. Besides, videos like wrong and completely illogical information about many incidents, which are basically some fake and conspiracy theories of a random idiot, are also kept in the platform for Ad Revenue Generation.

The worst thing happened when the platform intended solely for kids, YouTube Kids, was populated with content such violence that even the adults should not be suited to those due to the worst YouTube Recommender AI. YouTubers spreading these contents claim to go with the flow as the algorithm has forced them to make these to get famous and rich.

What does YouTube, aka Google, say and do about the allegations?

Nothing special. They have some misunderstanding about the kind of measures people are looking for because all they do is just taking down the single video creator and giving diversions to people like ‘reforms and changes in the privacy policy, whereas they should have focused on the main source of the problem – The Algorithm/YouTube Recommender AI itself.

The best way to deal is to make something that will focus on the user’s interest and not on some decision-maker from YouTube and their whimsical desire to spread these disgusting videos on the platform.

A Scholarly Article to better understand the algorithm behind YouTube: Click Here.


People are now raising their voices about this, and big publications and major ones are writing reports about this issue. We also hope that we can delete this article shortly or mark it as no longer valid after YouTube decides to back off from its dangerous mentality of distorting the mindset of innocent children and grownups. So, at least moderate the YouTube Recommender AI to a little bit, Mr YouTube!

Thanks in advance, YouTube!

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