Samsung Tech Talk about IP67-certified water and dust resistance of Galaxy A52 and A72 devices (News)

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Samsung Tech Talk about IP67 Certification of Galaxy A52 and A72

Samsung has released a video and a blog about the IP67-certified water and dust resistance of the company’s brand new devices – A52 and A72 (5G versions included).

Samsung marks the feature as an extra ”Peace of Mind” when it comes to day-to-day usage. They ensured that from the beginning of the production stage of the newest A-Series lineup, water and dust resistance testing had been maintained for full functionality of the devices. 

Here is the video and the questions attempted to answer below:


Galaxy A52 and A72 are IP67-certified. The “6” in IP67 is mentioned to denoted dust-resistance capability, which is about 50㎛ here. The “7” in return indicates water resistance for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.

The certification comes from TÜV Rheinland, which is a renowned certification company older than 150 years. The process follows:

“To explain the rationale behind giving an IP6X grade – You dig a 6π hole in a certain depth in the back of a smartphone, to which you connect a hose to artificially inject dust inside and see if any dust falls out of the device by the end of the procedure.

For IPX7, you put the smartphone in a one-meter deep water tank for 30 minutes and see if it still functions properly back on the surface. You also disassemble the device to see if it has been flooded.

We go through a test to ensure dust and water resistance at low and high temperatures. First, we test the smartphone at harsh conditions at low and high temperatures for 72 hours. After 72 hours, we put the smartphone into a one-meter deep water tank and check if any problem occurred. We aim to test the dust and water resistance of our device through such intense procedures so that consumers will face no problems in their everyday usage.” – Samsung Mobile Press.

Water and Dust Resistance

The devices have been made water and dust-resistant using a membrane material similar to outdoor gear and clothing. The membrane material lets air pass through but blocks water. 

Likewise, the front display also has tiny spaces inside filled with Samsung’s remarkable technologies to provide complete water and dust resistance experience to the users. 

Last Words for the Users from Samsung

The new Galaxy A devices have a quad camera and one LED lens, adding five extra points to cover dust and water resistance. Naturally, we had to put in significant efforts from the initial design stage. Many developers put their heads together to devise new parts and applications, evaluate the structural design, make further testing and assembling equipment, etc., all to produce the unique and refined design of the Galaxy A Series with dust and water resistance. I hope you will enjoy your Galaxy A Series freely.


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