Three New Features have been added to Google Meets Admin Console – Here’s how they work (Blog)

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New Features in Google Meet Admin Console

Three new features have been added to the Google Meet Hardware Admin Console – peripheral status, default volume, and static URLs.

Google Meet Overview

Google Meet is an online video-conferencing service available for anyone with a Google Account. People can create a meeting with up to 100 participants and continue the discussion for up to 1 hour.

The Premium Version of Google Meet lets you have up to 250 external or internal participants and live streaming options to up to 100,000 viewers per domain.

For personal use, you can sign up or in your Google account. For business use, you would need to have a Google Workspace account.

You can access Google Meet without downloading it on PC and installing the mobile app on Android or iOS.

Peripheral Status

The Google Workspace Meet Admins can now access two new columns on the Device List page. One is ‘Peripheral Status,’ and another is ‘Connection Status.’ These column lists will help users to filter devices and troubleshoot issues easier. Besides, the new column management widget will help people create customized views.

Default Volume

You can now use two new options while setting up the default volume behavior on Google Meet:

  • Preset Volume Mode: A Value between 0-100 can be set to use automatically at the beginning of every call.
  • Smart Volume Mode: This mode will automatically determine the best volume level considering users’ volume in the five recent calls.

For a Single Device, the default volume option can be set from its Device Detail Page. For a group of devices, admins should use the bulk action option from the Device List page.

Note: End Users can still modify their volume levels despite the Default Volume.

Static Device List URLs

Device List Filters will now be encoded into the Page’s unique URL. This will help the admins to bookmark a customized view or share it among team members.

Last Words

The Updates are only accessible for Admins under Devices > Google Meet Hardware. As for the Normal Users, no further action from their side is required. The Update is available to all Google Workspace customers in organizations with Google Meet Hardware.


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