Samsung announces Galaxy Smart Tag+ – You can find your things faster now (News)

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Samsung Smart Tag+ will find your lost items

Samsung has introduced the New ‘Galaxy Smart Tag+’ – A Smart Way to find lost items. The Tag+ is a new updated Smart Tag version, which can find your lost items with greater accuracy. The Gadget comes enabled with both Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband Technology.

People can easily attach the Gadget with everyday items like a backpack, and then, with the help of AR, it can visually guide you towards the thing through your smartphone camera. The Gadget also requires pre-installation of the SmartThings Find service to function correctly.

New Updates to the Tech:

  • UWB will help you a great deal in finding things more accurately. As a result, you can easily follow your AR instructions, and once you are nearer to the object, you can produce a massive sound to find it even if it is not visible at the location.
  • The SmartThings Find’s powerful tracking service will let other users opt-in to help people find their lost items. So, when you lose something that is physically too far from you, any device nearby to the object will alert SmartThings Find, and it will, in turn, warn you.
  • Apart from finding lost items and things, Smart Tag+ can also let you control your other smart devices, like turning them off and on.

Available Date: The Gadget will be available from April 16, 2021.

Key Things:

  • You can turn anything into a Trackable Item by Attaching Smart Tag+.
  • You can locate your devices from anywhere, even when offline.
  • You will only see your object’s location data.
  • Your ID will be randomly generated every 15 minutes.
  • You can find things more easily with the combo of Map, Ring, and AR Finder.
  • You can choose your favorite color variant of the Tag.
  • Your lost item can be tracked down from as far as 120m through Bluetooth without obstruction.


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