Clubhouse introduces Payments, a better way to support its Creators – Here’s everything you need to know (Blog)

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Clubhouse launches Payments

Clubhouse has announced a system for its Creators to earn money directly without any advertisements. The best thing about this ‘Payments’ of Clubhouse is that the Creators will get 100% of the profits.

Clubhouse has always been vocal about how one of its main goals is to support the creators to flourish in the platform. They wanted to make a better place for the Creators; they said it over and over. And now, the time has come.

From the 5th of April, Clubhouse announced that it would allow users to send money directly to their favorite creators by their profiles. Besides, they will also beta test receiving payments on the Creators’ end.

Here is how it will work:
  1. You have to tap on the profile of a creator and Tap Send Money. Notable that the creator must enable this feature from their end at first.
  2. You can enter an amount you prefer and register a card (for the 1st time only).
  3. Your Payments will go entirely to the creator you love, and Clubhouse will take nothing.

Last but not least, Clubhouse teased us by saying that this is one of the many features the platform will bring in the future to support the Creators.

Earlier, the founders of the platform, Paul and Rohan, had pointed out ‘Investing in Creators’ as a fundamental aim to make the product better.

Here is the quoted portion from Clubhouse’s Blog titled ‘Welcoming more voices’:

“Creators are the lifeblood of Clubhouse, and we want to make sure that all of the amazing people who host conversations for others are getting recognized for their contributions. Over the next few months, we plan to launch our first tests to allow creators to get paid directly—through features like tipping, tickets, or subscriptions. We will also be using a portion of the new funding round to roll out a Creator Grant Program to support emerging Clubhouse creators.”

Quote Source:

Well, you can never know when a platform might get greedy and float you with ads, but till now, Clubhouse is honoring the promise it made. So, best wishes for the fantastic app.

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