Amazon sued by former logistics specialist for not providing employees with Meal Break and Rest Break (News)

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Amazon Sued by Former Employee

Amazon has always been criticized for its stances over employee health and facilities. The Tech Giant has been repeatedly accused of making the employees work in unhealthy and unsafe conditions. The Official stand of Amazon, however, has always remained on the side of denial of all these accusations, no matter how much proof you present to them.

Now, a former Amazon logistics specialist, Lovenia Scott, has sued Amazon for not giving the proper amount of time to take the mandatory 30-minute meal breaks and 10-minute rest breaks to the employees.


Scott accuses Amazon of depriving her and her other fellow co-workers of their meal breaks which are cut off from their paycheck by Amazon at the end of the month.

Scott also alleged that Amazon overloaded employees with so much work that it was almost impossible to even find time for a rest break of 10 minutes, while the company instructed its employees to find rest break whenever they ‘find time’.

She continues on with how there was no official time gap or scheduled meal breaks from the company itself which made the very idea of meal break/rest break impossible during each shift. Even then, employees used to lose at least half of their meal break time standing in the long line at the computer to check-in and out for meal break.

Amazon, on the other hand, denies any existence of such irresponsibility on its behalf either in regards to Scott’s claims as an individual or on behalf of her co-workers.

Scott, however, does not stop at only meal break or rest break but continues on grudging about how Amazon made use of her and her colleagues’ personal cell phones for company purposes.

Well, we are now fully aware of the ‘p-e-e incidents’ of the great Amazon, but what else are we to see in the near future, that is a matter of great curiosity.

Till then, keep suing!

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