Samsung’s 3 Latest Home Appliances are the best to clean your house this spring! (Review)

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Home Appliances

Samsung is not just a brand of Smartphones; we all know that by now. But the fact that Samsung is amazing in other sectors like the latest home appliances too, and, maybe more amazing in some sort of way, is kind of not known to people. Well, Samsung likes to play it loud, so it dropped a teasing article about its super-efficient Home Appliances. Today, we take a look at them.

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Samsung has always been the best of the best when it comes to the world of smartphones, but when it is about other things like accessories, gadgets, home appliances, we tend to suspect the wisdom and perfection of Samsung behind that. They have proved us wrong again and again, and they did it again with these latest home appliances of their own.

These are hands down one of the best products from the company. Kudos to them to have produced such brilliance and sheer intelligent product while keeping in mind the environmental effects of the wrong ingredients in these home accessories. Here is a description of the latest home appliances from Samsung.

The Latest Home Appliances

When you work at home (aagh, not that ‘working from home) and remain busy in cleaning, wiping, washing, drying stuff and things, you generally use some sort of instruments to help you with that. Those instruments may be of any sort, they may be just a broomstick, or even a Jet Booster (coming up below). While keeping in mind the environment (?), Samsung listed some of the latest home appliances they think to be helpful for us.

Samsung Jet and Clean Station


Samsung claims an industry standard of 200W suction power for this Vacuum Cleaner, which will be able to remove pretty much everything from even the shaggy carpets of your floor. Besides, the Jet comes with a 5 layered filtration system that allows it to trap 99.999% of air dust and allergens.

One of the best usability features about this is that it has a number of swappable heads, which means that you could swap the heads and remove dust from the floor and mattresses or even drapes. With this in your home, you could give a thorough clean to every single corner.


The Clean Station is a dustbin (400 times more powerful), period. But – it will automatically empty the vacuum’s canister through an airtight system which will prevent the specks of dust from getting scattered again.

Rating of the 1st latest home appliances: 4.8 out of 5

Samsung Cube Air Purifier

The Air of the world is actually getting worse, and for that, Samsung’s got a solution!

The Air Purifier is capable of eliminating up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust along with removing harmful gases from the air. Samsung Cube was designed to let users breathe easily at home through its 3 stage HEPA filtration system.

The best part – It does everything in silence, all thanks to its Wind-Free air purification system.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Samsung Air Dresser – The JetSteam

This air dresser will allow you to freshen up your clothes without the need for an external Dry Cleaner. It is also capable of removing 99% of bacteria and dust mites.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Last Words

We liked the idea of Samsung putting everything together and making a Home Appliance Package out of these three, however, the experimental results never hold up to be 100% correct in day-to-day experiences. Even then, we recommend these appliances to anyone wanting a better Home Appliance than just a broomstick.

Samsung has been really busy with these three masterpieces, and their hard work is paying off with people just jumping and crazing over these amazing products delivered from Samsung themselves. We cannot imagine the hardship and pain they went through to make these products, so hats off Samsung for such creativity on your end. We will not fail you, we promise!

Till then, keep cleaning!

Source: Take Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level with Samsung’s Latest Home Appliances

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