Intel to team up and collaborate with Microsoft, MS Partner, and DARPA to improve data privacy (News)

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Intel and Microsoft Team up

Intel just released news about signing an agreement ( with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Intel will be joining DARPA and Microsoft on their DPRIVE program. The program focuses on improving and enhancing new ways of Data Privacy Protection, and the main target is to develop fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). Intel terms it as ‘the final frontier’ in data privacy, mentioning that Microsoft has been working with the U.S. Government on this matter for a while now.

“Fully homomorphic encryption remains the holy grail in the quest to keep data secure while in use. Despite strong advances in trusted execution environments and other confidential computing technologies to protect data while at rest and in transit, data is unencrypted during computation, opening potential attacks at this stage. This frequently inhibits our ability to share and extract the maximum value out of data fully. We are pleased to be chosen as a technology partner by DARPA and look forward to working with them as well as Microsoft to advance this next chapter in confidential computing and unlock the promise of fully homomorphic encryption for all.”
– Rosario Cammarota, principal engineer, Intel Labs, and principal investigator, DARPA DPRIVE program

The reason behind FHE being so important is that this technology will allow us to encrypt data even during the computation stage.

Intel discusses in details this matter here :

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