Samsung AR Glasses Lite Leaks disclose interesting concepts and features (News)

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Samsung to launch its AR Glasses
Samsung AR Glasses Lite – This is the name we’ve all been looking for.


Samsung is probably going to bring in its AR Glasses soon. The leaks from WalkingCat suggest so.

WalkingCat recently released two videos containing some leaks about the futuristic AR Glasses Samsung might be preparing to launch.


The leaks include the following functionalities of the Samsung AR Glasses:

  • Integrated Control through Smartwatch
  • Portable Media Consumption
  • Dex Display
  • Video Calling
  • Sunglasses Mode (In case you don’t want to use the normal ones)
  • New Dimension Display for Drone Controlling
  • AR Office (Virtual Keyboard + Touchscreen Monitor)
  • AR Simulation

Here are the two videos explaining what Samsung plans to do with Samsung AR Glasses shortly:

Augmented and Virtual Reality on a whole new level, whoo!

Details about Samsung AR Glasses – The new way of doing things

Samsung is calling their AR Glasses with the name ‘Samsung Glasses Lite’, and it might be an approach to face their biggest rival’s upcoming AR headset. Let’s dive deep into some of its probable features:

You can control the whole system and change every single setting or preference using your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. Not only that, but people can also use the glasses for media consumption, and that might become one of its most popular uses over the years. The Dex Display Mode just wipes out the need for an external monitor or desktop screen to look at, just your glasses can project a big enough screen to work on. And obviously, with all that projection stuff going on, you can rest assured about Video calling your near and dear ones, as well as your clients from all over the world.

Interestingly, it has a sunglass model that will allow you to use the luxury futuristic item as, well, just a sunglass (You could get one in less than a hundred bucks).

If you love travelling in space and watching drones flying and ever wished to become a drone, well, you can become one now, at least with AR glasses you can. The Glasses will provide you a first person viewing experience from a drone. Pretty awesome, right?

Bored from going to the office? Now that it is lockdown, probably you do not have to, but just working on a home desktop setup also sometimes is space consuming. Never mind! Samsung has the solution. You can project a keyboard and a touch screen monitor using the glasses, too.

The last but not the least – You can become a part of the virtual world using AR Simulation technology of the Samsung Glasses Lite. Viewers will get full 3D experience while gaming and/or video calling with another person.

About Samsung

Samsung has been dominating the world smartphone industry for a long, though they did not start as a Phone manufacturing company, to begin with. Founded in 1938, Samsung is now the world’s largest technology company (Not by revenue). Samsung is so influential, especially in South Korea that the Chairman of Samsung is said to be more powerful than the President himself. Sometimes, the company has been investigated for the accusation of Price Fixing, though without any major impact on the company and its production.


The Monopoly of Samsung is now reaching the world too, along with their expansion of the business into almost all sorts of electronic products, digital products, consumer electronics, etc. The competition with Apple and Facebook regarding the AR Glasses is just another example of Samsung being Samsung. Having said all that, Samsung is really striving hard to succeed in their relations with the customers and paying heed to them. So, best of luck, Samsung AR Glasses!

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