Facebook News Ban – FB suddenly friend-zones the Australian Government, the Prime Minister Notes (News)

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After the news ban in Australia from publishing on Facebook, the social media giant is ‘back to the table negotiating with the Australian authorities, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison notes.

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Facebook had previously blocked Australian News Authorities from publishing news and articles on Facebook concerning the issues with the Government regarding a new law that would force Facebook to pay for links to news content.

The ban had seen a significant decrease in traffic volume to the news sites and that was affecting the overall condition of the country.

The total Traffic of the News Sites in Australia had dropped by 13% by the news ban.

Facebook has not yet issued any public statement regarding lifting the news ban or anything, but it seems they are having talks with the government.

The New Law is also being praised by some other governments including Canada.

What happened between Facebook and the Australian Government (In details of the news ban)

Facebook was always opposed to the idea of paying the government for news links and is still in opposition in regards to that matter. However, the talks initiated between Facebook and the Australian Government tell us that something is cooking between them and it might be in favour of the Australians, but you never know. The decision of Facebook on this issue is highly unlikely to change anytime soon. Facebook is also silent altogether about both their stances on the law and also the issue of renegotiating with the government.

The fight between the two started when Australia went off ahead with its new law and passed it on the lower house of the parliament. Facebook did not like that attitude with the law which will force them and Google Inc. to pay for links to the news content. Facebook had three major objections to the law being passed and one of their spokespeople reported those issues with the new legislation. These three problems for Facebook which made them do the news ban are mentioned below:

  1. Being stopped from differentiating between various news outlets that ask for funds
  2. Arbitration Models that allow any individual to select one payment over another
  3. Duty to enter commercial talks and arrangments with Australian Medias

What amazes us is the mere fact that other countries are also looking forward to passing down the law on their respective legislation. Countries like Canada and Spokesperson like Steven Guilbeault have decided to give the system a go if Australia can pull it over successfully. They are waiting for the confirmation and enactment of the law country-wide in Australia by the Australian Government.

Besides, another Tech Giant is also closing in on Australia over the pretext of the news ban, and yes, you got it right, it is Google after all. Google had initially threatened to close its search engines in Australia which would pose a greater threat and problem for the Australian users as Google is merely the boss of all the search engines over there. The impact of shutting down of News on Facebook for Australians was merely horrific. A large number of visitors to the news sites come from the Social Media Giant itself. As a result, they had seen an immediate loss in their traffic compared to the yearly average.

The news conference of Morrison did not give us any more data than this, to begin with. So, we can only guess what is really going on between these two superpowers of today’s age, and what will really be the outcome of the unequal battle. Who will give up first is the main talking point of people around Australia and all over the world?


Let us see what happens to the news sites of Australia if Facebook decides to never lift the news ban.

Details about the news ban can be found at Reuters.

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