You cannot but accept the new Privacy Policy Update of WhatsApp (News)

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You have no choice but to accept

There’s a new update from Whatsapp regarding their Privacy Policy.

As we mentioned earlier, Whatsapp has been trying to clear up misconceptions related to its recent privacy policy update.

Throwback: WhatsApp has extended the ‘Scary’ Privacy Policy Update Date after major backlash (News)

Well, Whatsapp now informs that while it will try to convince users about the new Privacy Policy Update (which is going to be implemented by 15th of March, 2021), the users who will not agree to it must accept it to ‘access Whatsapp functionalities fully’.

Here is the newly created FAQ by WhatsApp to let people know what will happen on the effective date (15/03/2021):

Those who will not still accept the new privacy policy, for ashort period’ will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will be ‘unable’ to read and send messages from the app.

As reports from TechCrunch suggest, the users not complying with the Instant Messaging Platform will be deemed to be ‘inactive’ users, and after 120 days of being inactive, their accounts will be permanently deleted.

Note: The Messaging Giant has received a huge amount of criticism from its users due to its policy changes which allow it to share user information with its parent company, Facebook.

However, it now seems that there are only two options – Either Accept the Policy or Leave WhatsApp.

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