The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update must be accepted by users (News)

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You have no choice but to accept

There’s a new WhatsApp Privacy Policy update from Whatsapp regarding their Privacy Policy.

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As we mentioned earlier, Whatsapp has been trying to clear up misconceptions related to its recent privacy policy update.

Well, Whatsapp now informs that while it will try to convince users about the new Privacy Policy Update (which is going to be implemented by 15th of March, 2021), the users who will not agree to it must accept it to ‘access Whatsapp functionalities fully’.

Here is the newly created FAQ by WhatsApp to let people know what will happen on the effective date (15/03/2021):

What happens when our terms and privacy policy updates take effect

Those who will not still accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy, for a short period those WhatsApp users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will be ‘unable’ to read and send messages from the app after a certain period of time.

As reports from TechCrunch suggest, the users not complying with the Instant Messaging Platform will be deemed to be inactive users, and after 120 days of being inactive, their accounts will be permanently deleted.

Note: The Messaging Giant has received a huge amount of criticism from its users due to its policy changes which users have claimed to allow it to share user information with its parent company, Facebook.

However, it now seems that there are only two options – Either Accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy or Leave WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp is the biggest chat app in the world with over 2 billion users. WhatsApp allows users to sent messages and give voice calls and video calls to each other. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and it started to gain popularity among the audience cause the privacy of this app is very secured and every action is encrypted. Encrypted means when you send a message the code is locked and when it goes to the receiver the code is unlocked there and the message is readable. It is really safe and secure that’s why.

That’s why people started using this app. It started gaining popularity in 2013 because of its secureness and its magnificent interface but recently Facebook announced that it will sell its user’s data to third-party companies. The user started to protest because WhatsApp was killing the feature that was the main reason people used WhatsApp.The users were really upset because they wanted to boycott WhatsApp and some people already left WhatsApp and started to find an alternative for it.

Everyone was talking about it the market was hyped again. Elon Musk tweeted to use other apps it was total chaos for whats app. The company saw a downfall in its statistics. They became really anxious about their users. People were leaving WhatsApp for good. So Facebook WhatsApp posted another update about their privacy policy for WhatsApp in that they said they will not sell their user data to third-party companies. Then the hype about Whatsapp started to cool down users started to use WhatsApp again.

Should we use WhatsApp now?

Yes, we can use WhatsApp now without any doubt. WhatsApp is safe now. we can call, chat, video chat with our friends now without any privacy worries. If you have been using messenger your privacy is already busted. So, don’t worry that much keep using it no one cares about your security you are just a 15-year-old kid jumping with the trend no one cares about security.

Just kidding you can use WhatsApp messenger now even if you are a kid or a teen but you are a big business owner keep your heads up from the WhatsApp scams. You can secure apps but you can’t secure yourself from humans. We love WhatsApp and want to keep using WhatsApp. A humble request to Facebook about changing their policy for us too. The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy will give pain to Facebook users too, in their minds.


The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update is a fearful one for many. But if you just pay a little bit of attention the case is the same with other companies too. So, just be careful while accepting the new WhatsApp privacy policy update.

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