Microsoft will roll out the amazing MS Office 2021 and MS Office LSTC by the end of the year (News)

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MS Office 2021 is coming!

Microsoft is rolling out its MS Office 2021 and MS Office LSTC by the end of this year, according to a blog post from Jared Spataro, the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.

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The exact date was not published; however, Jared mentioned that the commercial preview will be available from April.

The Office 365 or MS Office 2021, the cloud version, will also be available making it easier for people who want to go with the cloud.

The Office LSTC version is just going to be a special version to be used for specific situations and conditions, as Microsoft notes.

New Features of MS Office 2021

Accessibility improvements, capabilities like Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP in Excel, dark mode support across multiple apps, and performance improvements across Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

The MS Office 2021, the more personal and consumer-based model of the three will also be launched at the same price. It will be ‘one-time purchase’ based and with five years of support.

Microsoft notes that they want to work on Cloud, but at the same time, without neglecting their customers.

The Complete Overview of MS Office 2021 Update and MS LSTC

Microsoft starts off by mentioning their belief in the Cloud is the future. Indeed, Cloud-based infrastructures are going to be the most stable ones in the near future. The majority of people choosing Cloud over Shared or the more expensive Dedicated Service shows how people are at the same time privacy and speed conscious while being the best calculator of the expense. But some customers are just reluctant even after the fact that cloud services are gaining such popularity. Because they are bound by the superstitious beliefs going on for ages that disable the function of Cloud Services in their mind from beforehand.

Having said that, Microsoft also enabled support for offline mode lovers whose devices stay offline for years before connecting to a network of Internet Connection. The LSTC Version is built for exactly that reason and it will enable users to remain from receiving updates for a long time as their devices are that way. However, Microsoft believes that people will not use that version widespread and use both LSTC and MS Office 2021 versions together simultaneously under different conditions.

Microsoft will also enable small businesses to take advantage of the software and give them the software at a legit price with updates included up to five long years. They will also not change the price of the software at any time. In the near future, we will be able to know more about these features and prices when Microsoft makes the details available for public disclosure.

Microsoft exclaims that they have their own commitment to the customers of MS Office 2021 and LSTC both and that they will try to maintain the best standards in terms of service and support and performance of the Softwares. The Cloud System and Infrastructure is what they believe in, and they claim that the vast majority of their users also are on their side, but keeping in mind some of the users who still want to cling to the former systems, they have all types of arrangements.

They have answered all the FAQs on their official page and tried to keep the mind of the customers.


The best way to sum up this is to mention that Microsoft Office has always been one of the popular services from the company and even Microsoft knows that. So, they never did anything to mess that service up. But, it is always good to be extra careful with the new features developed for the 2021 version, and also, it would be best if they could make it less power consuming, memory efficient, and faster. Let us see how much they have improved, or reduced the performance of the ‘Office’ Word Processor.

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