Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder and 2nd Co-Lead (News)

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Google fires its Ethical AI Team Lead

Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder and Co-Lead Margaret Mitchell. Margaret herself announced this news after she couldn’t access her Google Work Accounts.

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Mitchell was fired as a result of investigating the injustice done to her former co-lead Dr. Timnit Gebru. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Timnit Gebru was fired from Google earlier.

Mitchell started complaining publicly about Google and its policies regarding sexism and discrimination. She even published a letter she had written to the Google Press Team the day her access was cut off.

You can access the letter here to learn about why Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder.

Mitchell was fired from Google on the pretext of violating the code of conduct and disclosing business-sensitive documents and the private data of other employees.

It seems to the general mass that the tech giant is always suppressing the voice of the oppressed and minors, while Google has maintained the position that she just resigned from Google.

Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder – But Why?

The Full Story behind the firing of Margaret Mitchell – The Founder of Google AI Ethical Team

Google had already announced that they would be reorganizing the AI Team with Marian Croak as the new leader for the visionary AI Ethical Mission of Google. It was almost sure that Margaret is going to get fired. However, Google had found something to put in front as the cover of firing this employee, and that was the suspicious use of corporate emails by Mitchell. Google ran some internal investigations and found her guilty according to their standards, so Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder.

Mitchell has been working for a long time in Google now, having joined in the year 2016, it is almost 5 years and so. After working for a couple of years, Margaret came across Dr. Timnit Gebru, another brilliant mind behind Google’s AI Ethical Team. She was already famous for her work on facial recognition technology. But this talent of her brought along problems for her. She and Margaret were working on making people aware of the dangers of a large language processing model when the VP of Google Brain asked them to stop and not work on that article anymore.

However, Dr. Timnit Gebru did not just stop at that point citing it was necessary that the people are made aware of these problems lies in using the technology. This incident did not stop at that point, as Google reportedly Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder just a short while later claiming that as a mere ‘resignation’ from her end.

The person left behind though was Margaret Mitchell, and she did not take the incident as lightly as they took. She started criticizing the Spokespersons of Google including Sundar Pichai and the head of the AI division of Google. Again, even after the firing of Mitchell, Jean Dean did apologize to his staff for mishandling the departure of Gebru before and said that he understood the pains of the ethnic groups and female co-workers of Gebru by her departure.

The other team members of the AI Ethical Team were not made aware of the dismissal of either Gebru or Mitchell and that made the time worse for them. Even then, they were told not to lose their faith in the system and that people like Marian could make things better than before for them. Still, Google claims to have found multiple codes of conduct violations on the part of Margaret and that that was the reason Google fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder.

Conclusion to Google Fires AI Ethical Team’s Founder

The same issue which took place here had also happened with the firing of Dr. Timnit Gebru as Google labeled it as ‘resignation’. It would be really hard to overlook this matter anymore if Google decides to do this thing at random and with anybody at their own whims and desires. Let us see how far they go though.

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