The Excellent Google Cloud joins with Tata Communications to simplify Cloud Adoption amazingly (News)

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Google + tata

Google Cloud is now officially in a new partnership with Tata Communications. The fact that Google Cloud joins with Tata has been confirmed in a recent tweet by Google Cloud India,

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The Official Tweet of Google Cloud joins with Tata:

Tweet of Google Cloud joins with Tata Communications:

As a partner of Google Cloud Platform, Tata Communications is going to drive Cloud Adoption in India through Tata Communications’ IZOTM Managed Cloud.


According to Tata Communications, this partnership is going to simplify the cloud journey of Google Cloud in India while providing organizations ease-of-use coupled with end-to-end services, including cloud architecture planning, workload migration, and ongoing operational support.

Tata Group is one of the largest and widespread industry leaders in Communications Services. Google Cloud joins with Tata is sure to get a big leap by integrating with Tata Communications.

About Google Cloud joins with Tata Communications

Founded over 35 years ago in 1986, Tata Communications was in the control of the Indian Ministry of Communication at first. However, it is today the proud part of Tata Group. Tata Communications is listed as one of the best employers in India.

Tata’s Cloud Platforms

The IZO Platform of Tata serves and offers the cloud solutions of Tata Communications. According to them, the IZOTM Cloud Platform of Tata helps people to build an agile IT ecosystem that can provide all three security, network, and multi-cloud environments. They promise word class service with improved productivity and efficiency, a rarely seen combo. All of these will gradually enable the customer to have a seamless integration.

Their main Services of Cloud Solutions:

  • Secure Managed Cloud: Tata Clouds will provide you with end-to-end management and security of your cloud. Even during this period of high competition, they seem to be keen on preserving the customer’s interest.
  • Cloud Platforms Option: The IZOTM Clouds will provide you with cloud enablement solutions as per your needs and deliver them without any fail.
  • Cloud Compliance: Their Compliance System will make sure to keep you aware of the best practices of cloud security.
  • Cloud Partner: Tata is partnered with the likes of Google Cloud, which will provide you easy access to their Cloud Platform all across the globe.
  • Managed Infrastructure Services: Tata has a Tier-1 data network to provide you with the best-managed service to grow efficiently.
  • Multi-cloud Solutions: The Tata Clouds will make sure you never fail to get the right deployment model that will yield ROI.

Besides these, there are many reasons why one should/must choose Tata Cloud Services:

  • Hosting Services are a lot and in variety according to one’s needs.
  • The Choice of private, multiple public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure keeps Tata standing.
  • Tata Clouds is the single go-to solution for your next web project.
  • Experience matters. Tata powers over 1600 telcos globally that enables them to have the upper hand over any other roadside cloud solutions.
  • They have incredible customer success stories which are backed with the struggle for victory.

The IZO has various services available such as:

  • IZO Internet WAN – This service is the basic world-leading Internet Service from Tata and can be integrated with IZO VPN.
  • IZO Private Connect – This links customers to major cloud solutions like the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc. People can get access to 85+ third-party data centers globally using IZO Private.
  • IZO Public Connect – This enables Tata Cloud Customers to have an extra layer of data security over the public internet.
  • IZO SDWAN – In 130+ Countries and 20 locations around the globe, this service provides the integration between IZO WAN and virtualized network technologies.

Google Cloud is no less in any aspect than this Cloud Service of Tata, and that is the reason why both of them partnered together as Google Cloud joins with Tata. Let us see what awaits in the future due to Google Cloud joins with Tata.

Let’s hope for the best!

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