The Upcoming iPhone 13 might feature an Always-On Display, rumours suggest (News)

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Iphone 13

It’s great news for the iPhone Lovers! And why would it not be? An Always on Display on the iPhone would literally seem like a dream come true.

At least the rumors have been suggesting so.

EverythingApplePro, a news channel about Apple, featured leaks from Max Weinbach about the upcoming iPhone 13.  While there were many other leaks, the key leak was an Always On Display.

An Always-On Display has been a prominent feature to be seen in almost all sorts of Android Devices and recently, it has become one of the invincible parts. Apple seems to have paying heed to the market and consumers a bit, and finally, they may be bringing this feature of Apple Watches to the iPhones.

Always On Display

The Display features some important updates and features of your phone, namely:

  • Date and Time
  • Battery Percentage
  • Notifications

We may also notice some other new specs in the iPhone 13 as a 120 Hz Screen.

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