SHAREit security flaw and it might be serious, Trend Micro finds out (News)

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SHAREit security flaw – The app SHAREit – Transfer & Share is one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store and also the top-notch app in file sharing for Android.

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But here is the problem; a report from Trend Micro suggests that there is a serious flaw in the file-sharing app that could lead to remote code execution by any bad individual.

To learn more about RCE, refer to this article on Wikipedia.

We could say in short what this means like this:

If an ‘A’ app has RCE vulnerability, then the ‘B’ person with the help of a ‘C’ code or ‘D’ app could easily take the help of the permissions SHAREit demands from the users to execute any malicious code or reveal user info.

Trend Micro reports that ‘Google has been informed about these SHAREit security flaws.’

Trend Micro made use of the vulnerability and showed how you can make anyone install a fake ‘Twitter’ Application with the permissions SHAREit security flaw has and use the fake app to manipulate the user data or device.

The full article and Vulnerability Test of the SHAREit security flaw can be accessed here: SHAREit Flaw Could Lead to Remote Code Execution

No matter how famous an application is, we should always keep in mind our own safety first in this virtual world of deception. That is the case with Shareit Security Flaw.

SHAREit security flaw – More about the app:

Shareit is an app that helps people to share anything using a phone’s hotspot and Bluetooth it was really popular at the beginning of the smartphone age. It helped users to share photos, videos, apps, and many more things. It used to be fast and people loved it very much. It was loved that much because back then fast internet connection was very rare and people could not download anything from the web that’s why they used Shareit.

People back then loved this app. This app was very popular at his time. 2010-2015 was the prime time of this app it had more than half a billion active users but after 2016 high-speed internet connection was getting accessible more. People started downloading apps rather than using Shareit. Still, the app had many users but the app started giving way too many ads and users had a very bad experience. Still many people used but it was killed when 4G came in banging the door and the internet prize dropped way too many people were starting to leave Shareit.

Shareit also started to be very unsafe for the phone and was buggy and kept crashing. App developers also started to develop apps in a way so that they can’t be shared by Shareit and copyright laws were also painful for Shareit. At present Shareit is almost dead but some people still use it.

Should you use SHAREit now?

Absolutely not. Shareit is not safe anymore it is really buggy and glitchy and it keeps crashing it also shows inappropriate ads. Today we have a fast internet connection and many alternatives for shareit now and they are not that glitchy as Shareit. Shareit was a great tool back then but now no we shouldn’t use this app or software anymore. We can now manually sent data to another phone using a hotspot it’s really easy. A great alternative to Shareit is mi share it’s really optimized and clean.

The UI of the app is also very good it’s not laggy and doesn’t crash that often and also gives better speed. We don’t recommend using Shareit now but you can use it if you are not that concerned about the security of the safety of your device. Overall we want to say is don’t use shareit if but if you like it the choice is yours to make sir. Don’t risk your device security just because of some app that you could easily download from the play store.


The SHAREit Security flaw incident just shows us the ultimate danger of an app from the Internet. So, just stay as careful as possible from these.

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