iOS 14.5 Update – What’s new, Features, Release Date, Rumors (News)

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iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 Update is coming to your Apple Devices, packed with some great features and improvements. The next major upgrade being iOS 15, iOS 14.5 is sure worth waiting for.

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The iOS 14.5 update will be launched soon given the fact that the developer betas are available already. Besides, the pattern of Apple launching a new 14.x Version Update every calendar month, 14.5 should appear in February, or at least by the end of February or the start of March (14.4 was released at the end of January).

Probable Launch Date: End of February or start of March 2021.

Another News Update: The iOS 14.5 beta 2 has been released to developers.

The features coming to the iOS 14.5 Update include Face ID unlock with Mask on, Being able to change the music player, Privacy updates regarding apps, and etc.

Another News Update: The iOS 14.5 Update will feature over 200+ new emojis, including some of these:

The Complete Analogy to the iOS 14.5 Update New Upcoming Changes

iOS 14.5 Update brings a couple of new features and improvements for the users of the iPhone. However, some of the features are just meant for high-end customers like those with the iPhone 11 and afterwards. we do hope that these features which are top tier end only at first will gradually be seen on the earlier devices too.

The update is not as big as iOS 15 though, which is expected to land in September of 2021. Some of the best features to be seen in the new iOS 14.5 update are as below:

  1. A handy alternative to the Face ID feature of the phone allowing users to unlock the phone using Apple’s own Smartwatch.
  2. A couple of new voices to the famous Voice Assistant from Apple – Siri that will take the users to a new level of experience with their loneliness partner.
  3. A better way to correct wrong or incorrect readings of the battery life estimates in the iPhones by just recalibrating it. (iPhone 11+ only at the initial days)
  4. The support to be able to unlock your phone with Masks on keeping in mind the serious condition of Coronavirus Lockdown.
  5. The system of maintaining transparency while tracking users by the third-party apps and services. All of the apps in the App Store must abide by these practices of Apple.
  6. The ability of Siri to understand which Music Player you love the most and just integrate herself to work in that way the better and faster in the future.
  7. A vast majority of emojis as we showed in the images above are going to come in the iOS 14.5 skin.
  8. The Controller support of PS5 and Xbox Series X integrated within iOS 14.5. This is going to be lit for the gamers, especially if this feature is seen in Apple TV in the future.
  9. The handy feature to make other people alert about any accident or incident on the road or any place specific on the Apple Maps through making use of Crowd Sourced Alerts.
  10. As we mentioned earlier, you can now choose in between the voices of Siri but there is no more default voice on Siri. Happy talking with your only friend, Devdas!
  11. Samsung has something closer to this called the Smart Tag, and this one is called the Air Tag by Apple. Basically, this also does the same thing as finding and keeping your valuables safe.
  12. New 5G features added to iOS 14.5 will allow people to use the 5g mode while using Dual Sim also.


Apple always brings joy to its users, whether it is just a mere feature or a big hardware update because they do it with such dedication and comfort. The new update to iOS also seems like one of those steps to make the King happy. Of course, we do not mean the Pirate King Luffy by that, we are simply talking about the customers!

External Link: About iOS 14 Updates

Till then, stay tuned!

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