The Upcoming iPhone 13 might feature an amazing Always-On Display, rumors suggest (News)

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Iphone 13

It’s great news for the iPhone Lovers! And why would it not be? An Always-On Display on the iPhone would literally seem like a dream come true.

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At least the rumours have been suggesting so.

EverythingApplePro, a news channel about Apple, featured leaks from Max Weinbach about the upcoming iPhone 13.  While there were many other leaks, the key leak was an Always-On Display.

An Always-On Display has been a prominent feature to be seen in almost all sorts of Android Devices and recently, it has become one of the invincible parts. Apple seems to have paying heed to the market and consumers a bit, and finally, they may be bringing this feature of Apple Watches to the iPhones.

Tom’s Guide covers the report: iPhone 13 video reveals how always-on display could work

Always On Display

The Display features some important updates and features of your phone, namely:

  • Date and Time
  • Battery Percentage
  • Notifications

We may also notice some other new specs in the iPhone 13 as a 120 Hz Screen.

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What is always-on display :

iPhone 13 will have an always-on display that means in iPhone 13 pro one will be able to see the clock and notifications without turning their phone on.

Fun fact: Apple is too costly 😆 and the always-on display is in on android from the ice age 😂.

Rumors about iPhone 13 :

We are hearing so many rumours about iPhone 13 the biggest rumour we are hearing is that iPhone is going to ditch the charging port as well 😐. Get ready to spend more money on the charger. there will be no charging port the will charge through wireless charging. And I promise you it will be a slow process and more energy will be wasted but apple has their vision to go wireless in a couple of years. Well, that’s a pretty neat vision from the company but user experience might be bad because in our current technology we don’t have fast wireless charging. Well, it is Apple that we are talking about the biggest company they will sort out.

There is a rumour that iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch. The notch will shrink 5.33 mm in height. Well done apple you guys have finally done it 🙄.

There might also be some design changes in iPhone 13 the camera size might increase. The cameras will look more modern and big the design of the frame might also change.

Should you buy an iPhone 13 :

Well if are a person who doesn’t have extra money lying around in his bank then no absolutely not. iPhone 13 will not have a charging port and also a headphone jack 🙂. That means you will have to spend more money on the charger and the earphones. They will cost you an extra 200$. If you value money it’s not worth it cause android with the same features costs way less.

You should not buy iPhone 13 if you are not a heavy phone user. iPhone 13 will be overkill for you if you don’t use your phone heavily but if you have some extra cash in your hand and you are a heavy-duty phone user you should do for iPhone 13. As we are hearing iPhone will have a 120 Hz display with the apples fastest M1 chip the phone will run like butter and the gaming experience will be top-notch.

Some tips for iPhone user :

Always use a cover and a protective glass on your iPhone. Well, it’s because iPhones are not that durable don’t believe what Apple says if the phone breaks loss is yours, not theirs they will be happy because you will buy another one 😪. Make sure to know and use all the features given by apple in your iPhone it will increase your productivity.


The best way for Apple to cover up for their previous mistakes of not paying heed to the users is to pay heed now. They are just approaching that with features like Always-On Display. Best of luck, Apple!

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