Far-Right Social Network Parler is suddenly back after 1 month of horrific shutdown (News)

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The far-right social network Parler is back online, as users can now log in or create new accounts. However, the previous data of all users seem to have disappeared.

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Social Network Parler was shut down a month earlier due to the suspension from Amazon’s AWS over reported advocating of violence. Parler has always remained vocal about the rights of other people and had a significant amount of taking in the US Capitol Riots.

Now, Social Network Parler is back with a new CEO, reported to be Mark Meckler, who was the founder of the Tea Party Patriots, and an admirer for many conspiracy theories.

Social Network Parler is now hosted on SkySilk, a reseller of OVH Cloud, though it seems OVH is not the actual hosting platform of Parler. SkySilk is being questioned over its position too, as the company’s terms indicate no promotion of violence.

Social Network Parler is back – But What happened first?

Parler had a significant amount of role in promoting the violence that took part by Trump supporters in the US Capitol Riots. Users of this far-right social media platform had been seen posting videos of themselves and other protesters while participating in the riot with Trump Supporters. There were thousands of videos posted online on the platform openly which remained on the network until their web host took Parler down. But the videos were not lost. An independent programmer had already taken those in his own sort of backup. So, people could see the videos posted on social media Parler.

More than half of these videos were actually relevant and dangerous considering the events of January 6. Anyone seeing them is advised strongly against violence as they simply depict one of the most horrific events in the history of the United States of America. After all of these, the platform was offline for a month or so. In the meantime, the CEO of the platform has been fired and a new Chief Executive is on the chairs of the boss on Parler. Social Network Parler is back online due to these steps of the board as they moved the platform from their previous web hosting to a new host.

Earlier in the riot, Social Network Parler was well known for its free-speech stance and some of the conservatives used to support and raise voices in support of Parler due to its content policy which was completely open and different fundamentally from that of Facebook and Twitter. However, the number of users was still at large compared to the latter ones.

Mr Matze, the former CEO of the company says he was suspended and terminated from the platform but he had no part in that decision. Though you can do nothing against the decision of the board, can you?

Still, then, Matze says that the decision came as a result of his strong belief in the free speech of people and also in the open view of the Parler site which he envisioned.

The previous hosting service of Social Media Network Parler is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which suspended their hosting and removed everything because they believed Parler was unwilling to monitor and filter violent content. The same goes with the App hosting Platform Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The Social Media Network Parler is back online with a sustainable and independent technology as they claim with Mr Mark Meckler as the new CEO of the office.

Social Network Parler promises to bring back the old user data by the next week of its opening and also to be completely available to the other platforms too in the near future as users reported not being able to use the platform since it relaunched. Social Network Parler also claims to have cut their ties with the Big Boys of the Tech Industry as they want to seemingly suppress the voice of people and also claims to stay online forever.


Parler is now taking on a moderate approach to get back on the line, however, with people not getting the app on the play store and apple store, the game’s a little difficult.

Official Website of Parler:

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