Far-Right Social Network Parler is back after a month of shutdown (News)

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The far-right social network Parler is back online, as users can now log in or create new accounts. However, the previous data of all users seem to have disappeared.

Parler was shut down a month earlier due to the suspension from Amazon’s AWS over reported advocating of violence. Parler has always remained vocal about the rights of other people and had a significant amount of taking in the US Capitol Riots.

Now, Parler is back with a new CEO, reported to be Mark Meckler, who was the founder of the Tea Party Patriots, and an admirer for many conspiracy theories.

Parler is now hosted on SkySilk, a reseller of OVH Cloud, though it seems OVH is not the actual hosting platform of Parler. SkySilk is being questioned over its position too, as the company’s terms indicate ‘no promotion of violence’.

Parler is now taking on a moderate approach to get back on the line, however, with people not getting the app on the play store and apple store, the game’s a little difficult.

Official Website of Parler:

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