Nothing is Essential – Carl Pei buys off Andy Rubin’s Dead Startup (News)

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Nothing buys Essential

Carl Pei’s Nothing has officially acquired the lost brand ‘Essential’ (and now, Nothing is Essential), founded by Andy Rubin (Creator of Android) after he left Google.

Date: January 6th, 2021.

While it’s not clear why ‘nothing’ is ‘essential’, there must be some underlying reasons for Carl Pei to do so.

On the other hand, Essential does not have a nice history, or even anything called history. It just launched a single smartphone before going dead.

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Essential was unsuccessful in both the critic and business levels. So, we can only wait for Nothing to let us know about its plan with Essential in the future.

9to5google cites a filing as proof of acquisition:

Link of Proof of Acquisition

Essential – A failure of the man behind Android

Essential Phone was announced on May 30, 2017, and the first phone (the last one, too) was released on August 17, 2017. After just one product launch officially known as the PH-1, the company told the media outlets about the discontinuation of any more products from the house. And finally, on February 12, 2020, they were shut down completely. And as now nothing is essential, let us give it a deeper look.

Andy Rubin gave a first look at the phone through one of his tweets on March 27, 2017. Some of the rather weird features at that time two of which became a trend afterwards:

  • The Essential Phone had a ‘notch’ to feature a front-facing selfie camera. It was the first mainstream phone to do that and today, it is an inevitable part of every other smartphone.
  • The Essential Phone didn’t come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and they received major criticism for that only. Though today, we know what the big bulls are doing.
  • The Phone was accompanied by a 360-degree camera. Anyone can use the camera attached to the top of the device.

The Features of the Phone:

  • The Essential Phone has a titanium and ceramic body.
  • The display of the smartphone is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and was an edge-to-edge display.
  • The phone boasts an 800 series Qualcomm Processor, the Snapdragon 835.
  • The RAM-ROM combo stands at a sufficient 4-128.
  • Combining all of the limited and regular color options, one can find 6 different variants of the phone. The limited options include Stellar Grey, Ocean Depths, and Copper Black.
  • The dual camera sensors are equipped with Sony IMX258 sensors, and one of them works as a monochrome camera that shoots black and white images. The results were slightly better using the monochrome one. The phone also has a front-facing camera.
  • The phone at present runs on Android 10 and seems like this is the last junction for the smartphone.

Some of the major issues with the smartphone

  • Meltdown and Spectre issue (Solved with a patch)
  • Availability delay of the smartphone from the launch date (Not solved or met up to the expectation)
  • Customer Data Leak including driver’s license of people (People received a free phone in exchange for their data leak)
  • Touch issues like ‘jitteriness’ (Not solved yet)
  • Trade Secret Lawsuit by Keyssa against Essential (Stands unresolved)

The phone received overall positive reviews and praise for its design, UI, battery life, performance but reviewers talked harshly about the phone cracking and screen receiving dents only from normal usage.

The sales of the smartphone were not as expected.

About Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin is the father of Android, the man who changed the course of the Smartphone Software Experience. Android was acquired by Google in 2005, and since then, it is the complete king in the arena of the mobile OS. The present stable version of Android stands at Android 11. The naming of Android comes from the nickname of Andy Rubin. This nickname was given to him by his co-workers at Apple in 1989 due to his love for robots.

Conclusion – Nothing is Essential

Carl Pei does not work without a motive. So, if he has acquired something, it means he must have seen something in it that no one else has thought of. Let us see what the future holds for us. For now, nothing is essential!

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