Intel appoints Pat Gelsinger as its 8th CEO in order to bring back Intel to the track (News)

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Pat Gelsinger

Intel has appointed Pat Gelsinger as its 8th CEO, as the company becomes 53 years old. Pat says he is just ‘thrilled as a technologist, as a geek at heart’.

Official Tweet of Intel:

Official Press Release:

Pat Gelsinger Becomes CEO of Intel

Pat Gelsinger is not a new face in the history of Intel, working 30 years at Intel so far, and also having a history of leading Intel previously.

Pat exclaims:

“As the incoming CEO, I am just really thrilled that we have the opportunity to take this great icon of a company, this company that has been crucial to every aspect of technology, and have it be that leader again into the future. Because I believe that Intel has a treasure trove of technologists, of technology, and ultimately its core DNA is being that technology leader for the future. I’m just thrilled as a technologist, as a geek at heart, to be able to be in that leadership role to help bring the passions, the history, the opportunity of this great company forward as never before. Our best days are in front of us.”

Watch as Pat speaks:
Pat is thinking of focusing on the CPU sector to ‘make Intel great’ again. He is very much passionate and hopeful about the future of the company with him in the chair of leadership.

Let’s see how much he can change the game again and reshape Intel in front of the big challengers like AMD, and now there’s Apple too.

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