Google releases 1 new amazing update to the iOS YouTube App after a long pause (News)

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iOS Youtube App gets an update

Google has finally released a new update (version 15.49.6) to the iOS YouTube App. iPhone owners can now update their YouTube App after a long time since the 7th of December, 2020.

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YouTube iOS App

The YouTube App crew mentioned:

Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee

The probable reason behind this long gap of updates was matching the Google apps with the updated privacy policies of Apple, as Google has already filled up the privacy section of YouTube long. There was also confusion amongst people as to whether Google will respond to the Privacy Policy Updates for iOS Apps by Apple.

YouTube App – The King of Video Contents

YouTube App is today one of the most popular, let us say the most popular video streaming or watching platform. The level of content and content creators in YouTube has reached another dimension, and the proof of that is the viewers themselves. In order to encourage the best creators of the platform, YouTube has also made some arrangements to award the best content creators with prizes like the Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button, Diamond Play Button, and at last, the Custom Play Buttons for people like Pewdipie (It was Ruby as far as I remember).

So, these are just a glimpse of the YouTube App world. Furthermore, we have the YouTube Rewinds (*trash), the Ad Revenue System of YouTube to help the creators growing. We cannot possibly think what and how large the kingdom of YouTube is. Well, with a large number of users such that altogether they watch over a billion hours of videos per day, you can surely run the business with one hand. Here, it is worth mentioning that YouTube itself is the baby of Google, who took over YouTube very intelligently and made it into something the world has never seen before.

Before Google, YouTube used to generate its own share of revenue only from Advertisements. But now, the game has changed with the Big Boy in the market, YouTube App now generates its own Content and serves it as YouTube Originals, making quite a bit of money from it.

The range of content and videos to stream and/or enjoy on YouTube is just humongous. As a result, Streaming Giant Netflix has only one real contender – YouTube. Think of this, how dangerous YouTube is for other streaming platforms when literally every digital TV is paired with both of these best in the world streaming services – YouTube and Netflix. Heaven comes down to earth in the houses of those who have such subscriptions, and they are a lot.

YouTube has become an indispensable part of our daily life, and we cannot simply ignore YouTube. YouTube is the go-to place for millions to gather news, enjoy music, watch gaming videos, watch movies, watch videos, enjoy funny content, admire creative content, etc. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to raise social awareness and break taboos like that of Facebook. People can change and reform society with just a single video. Just like that huge power, YouTube has its drawbacks. YouTube has allegedly reported self-censorship, and people have expressed concerns about the quality of content in YouTube being reduced.

Altogether, YouTube is YouTube. We are the ones to think whether to use it for good or bad purposes and continue the entertainment platform forever.


However, hopefully, the other apps will also follow the footsteps of YouTube and get the updates soon. The list is not small though with the likes of Gmail, Chrome yet to be updated.

Recently, had reported a ‘Google Apps Out of Date’ warning for iOS users trying to sign in, but now it has been solved by Google.

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