Facebook is working on an amazing Smartwatch Device of its own to measure the health condition of people (News)

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Facebook will launch its Smartwatch

Facebook is reportedly working on a Smartwatch Device of its own to track and measure the health condition of people –

Facebook has always been criticized for its privacy policies and approaches to the personal data of users. However, that has never been able to stop the CEO from undertaking more and more aggressive steps towards usurping more and more data.

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The Smartwatch Device could debut by next year, and it will run on Android, with no certain OS reported. The watch will not require an extra smartphone, with a cellular data network. Facebook is planning to get into the Smartwatch ecosystem with Apple, Fitbit, and many more, and to do that, they are making the watch compatible with products from Peloton.

There will be two versions of this Smartwatch Device as reported, the primary release and an update coming by 2023 (expected). The price would be ‘quite reasonable’.

Now, here is where the problem is. Facebook has messed up so many times earlier with its dubious and hideous privacy steps. People are always angry with the company regarding any kind of mischief with their data and seem like Facebook does not pay heed to its PR Department, end quote.

We may see the CEO of Facebook shedding Crocodile tears again by the launch of this, but till then, keep chatting.

Facebook and its SmartWatch Device

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Facebook Smartwatch Device

Facebook is desperately trying to get into the e-commerce business just like Amazon. Facebook has also created its own marketplace and now they are also trying to sell their own product and they are working hard on it. We can now hear that Facebook is launching a smartwatch next summer. In that smartwatch, there will be two cameras and they can be detached from the watch. We will be able to take photos with the watch and share it directly on a Facebook platform like Instagram and all.

This encourages other smartwatches company to be more innovative with their product and do something creative rather than launching the same old thing with some tweaks. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to build more consumer devices for the mass population. This will be a revelation in the tech industry. Facebook might release smartphones, soundboxes, home assistants, and a lot of products but there will be a privacy and safety concern because Facebook sells your info to third-party companies. Well, we pray and hope they will sort it out and think about our privacy as well.

Privacy is not a joke in this modern age where the internet is so accessible. We hope the company will think about it and they will be able to compete with Apple and Google.

Conclusion to Facebook Smartwatch Device

Facebook is getting shadier day by day without any doubt. We can just be aware of the possible concerns regarding this Smartwatch device and welcome it.

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