BuzzFeed introduces AI based Romantic Quiz for Valentine’s Day (News)

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BuzzFeed Quiz

The popular quiz platform BuzzFeed has just launched its AI based romantic partner choosing quiz for the Valentine’s Day, and people are going crazy over it.

While the practicality of this apparently new method of finding a partner is questionable, the quiz has already gone trending with over 700K people participating till now (14th February, 2021).

The quiz uses ‘StyleGAN’ technology to provide you with as unique results as possible. The BuzzFeed team has disclosed that they generated an enormous variety of profile images to never make people feel bored.

The way the quiz functions is that it will take into accounts your behavioral traits as hobbies, weird and dark side of your personality and combine all of it algorithmically.

We tested the quiz to get a clear idea how much capable it is, and got the following:

  • The under 18 option just kicks you hard and tells you about your inability to participate in it.

BuzzFeed Quiz Under 18

  • The ‘I’m 18 or over’ option lets you in, and then comes a couple of questions.

BuzzFeed Quiz 1

  • We answered all of them like we wanted a really turned on mate, and, uhm, look at the result:

BuzzFeed Quiz Result

Absurd, right?

BuzzFeed Quiz Fail

You got it right. The quiz is not realistic, and it was never meant to be. The BuzzFeed Director of Product for Quizzes Chris Johanesen explained that they were just trying to ‘poke’ people and make a bit of fun on the way with these weird results. What they are doing in reality, is experimenting. They want to refresh and revolutionize the arena of Quiz and machine learning models of Quizzes could not get better than this, at least as a start!

Anyway, hats off to BuzzFeed for something like this, and, see you in the next episode of Crispiness.

Till then, keep buzzing.

News Adapted from TechCrunch and BuzzFeed.

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