Hubble Researchers find 1 group of amazing small black holes which is quite amusing (News)

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Hubble Researchers find a group of small black holes

Some astronomers with the Hubble Telescope discovered a group of small black holes that leaves everyone in awe.


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At the heart of the globular cluster NGC 6397, researchers have found what they at first thought as an intermediate-mass black hole, the so-called ‘missing link’ between supermassive black holes and stellar-mass black holes.

“We found very strong evidence for an invisible mass in the dense core of the globular cluster, but we were surprised to find that this extra mass is not ‘point-like’ (that would be expected for a solitary massive black hole) but extended to a few percent of the size of the cluster,” said Eduardo Vitral of the Paris Institute of Astrophysics (IAP) in Paris, France.

They detected the hidden mass and deduced that the extra amount of masses they were getting was in the form of Black Holes.

Also, these smaller black holes can be an important source of Gravitational Waves.

Black Holes – The Supreme Mystery

Humans have evolved so far that they can now think about exploring other planets and stars, galaxies, the whole universe in all. A black hole is a thing that stands before this dream of us and questions our very existence. Black holes are a mystery, and they absorb anything, literally anything even light because the gravity of a black hole, or should we say, in a black hole, is so massive that nothing can escape from it.

Light is an electromagnetic wave. Even this radioactive element is absorbed in the black hole and as a result, a black hole is just – Black. The better wording is, however, a black hole is – NOTHING in it. A black hole can be created by the deformation of space-time through a compact mass.

There is a certain boundary from where you cannot escape the black hole and nobody should go near the black hole and enter the area. This area known as the event horizon is called the boundary of escape of a black hole. But the worst part here is that you cannot detect the presence of a black hole so easily. You may even cross a black hole’s boundary very closely without even realizing there is something there.

In the year 1971, the long-lasting research and experiments of the scientists like Einstein and others bore fruit. The very first black hole was discovered. After that, there passed on the long half-century before being able to capture the image of a black hole. The first image of a black hole was taken in 2019, shaking the whole world. After that, in 2021, a polarized-based image of a black hole was published.

Hubble Telescope – The best weapon in Space so far

Launched in 1990 for the first time into the space of earth, Hubble Telescope remains the hero in most of the discoveries since then. Named after Edwin Hubble, this telescope is a blessing for the scientists of space, the astrologists. The cost of this beast was nearly $4.7 Billion at the time of its launch, and that is more than three decades before now. This is the very first telescope that was made and designed by the astronauts to be maintained in space. To this date, it continues to show the best results. More than 15K papers have already been published on the topic of the Hubble Telescope.

However, the debate remains whether the better and more mature decision is a ground-based telescope or space-based telescope. The cost of the telescope seems to exceed the level of results it shows us according to many people and critics. The ground-based telescopes can actually gain pretty impressive results compared to the Hubble telescope. So, people tend to talk about this often.


The best days of the Hubble Telescope are awaiting in future. But we should be proud of this enormous piece of feat in the world of astronomy.

News Source: NASA

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