Google Cloud Platform and Amazon’s AWS – Is the future dark for them? (Blog)

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Is the future dark for them_

Cloud Storage has been very popular these days as the demand for hosting websites and businesses on the online world has been growing. However, people always tend to search for the best cloud hosting or storage for their online presence to deliver their website or app in the shortest amount of time possible.

The scalability of the Hosting Provider Platform also matters for large enterprises. And for someone small, the best method is usage based pricing.

Usage based pricing model is on the rise for a few reasons:

  • Scalability of the plan
  • Cost Effective method
  • Server Load Balancing

And many more…

Here’s where the cloud storage platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS come in.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google, at present, is powering more than 61.25% companies of the top most industry leaders in all sectors and categories. They are currently operating in 200+ countries.

N.B.: The percentage has been deduced from the data presented by Google, as of May, 2020.

Companies like Forbes, Spotify, Nintendo, PayPal, Twitter, FedEx, The New York Times, Discovery, Bloomberg, LG, etc. rely on Google to pursue their business.

Google has been successful in managing all sorts of loads on their servers with all these heavy traffic based websites.

However, even Google can go down. We saw that last year on December 14, 2020. Google’s services were down for around 40 minutes.

Another huge outage of Google had occurred in the year 2013, however, that was just for 5 minutes.

Let’s go deeper.

Google had lost $545K within 5 minutes, which turns out to be $1816 per second!

Also, internet search traffic had gone down by 40%.

So, what had caused the recent outage of Google?

You guessed it – Storage Problem!

But how could that happen right? That is our main concern today.

Before discussing about it, let us look at another rival of Google Cloud, AWS.

Amazon’s AWS

Amazon has the second largest hold of customers in this field of Cloud Storage. They are powering companies like Time Inc., Philips, bp, Expedia, etc.

Amazon also manages to keep up their servers for most of the time.

However, their average outages cost $1100 every second.

Also, their outage in 2013 cost them $2.64M.


We just included them as an honorable mention, as this cloud storage company is nowhere near to the scale of Google and Amazon. But they are showing promise.

They have powerful clients like GitLab and Slack.

The Future of Cloud Hosting Platforms

The Cloud Hosting platforms do maintain a lot of traffic load over the world seamlessly. However, their recent outages show one consistent problem that is going to pop up more and more in the upcoming years.

The problem is clear – The World’s Information is exploding like never before.

The Storage problem is going to be the most irritating one in the near future if we do not get a new solution for Data Centers.

We are not still sure how this problem can be addressed, but maybe space explorations can bring a new dimension for the Cloud Storage Technology, or maybe the solution lies in our oceans, just like DigitalOcean symbolizes itself.

Let’s hope that the big boys will be able to cope up with this new headache and keep the internet alive.

Final Words

The future of Cloud Storage can be dark, but we can never underestimate the power of human brain.

Till then, keep dreaming.

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