Big Boy Facebook will reduce political content in the News Feed of users (News)

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Facebook will reduce Political Content

Facebook has taken a step further in polishing the news feed. According to the latest report, Facebook will reduce political content in News Feed.


It says that it will reduce political content from the News Feed of users. The decision came as a result of people not liking political discussions on their news feed, as Facebook tells us.


Facebook is going to run this test and gain some insights at first by running experiments over the users of some selected regions including people in Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.

They are also going to run surveys to understand people’s responses to this new approach.

In the near future, they reported they intend to provide users with the ability to turn off ‘Political Ads’.

Facebook has always come up with new ways and measures to provide its users with a better news feed and interactive experience.

Earlier, the social media giant had also taken steps to reduce spams, phishing, fake links, fake people, etc.

More about Facebook will reduce Political Content

The Political Content Monitoring of Facebook is now in live-action for the users of the US from 17th February 2021. Facebook told us that that they had all sorts of feedback from people related to the political content reaching their news feed, and most of them did not like it, as we also would not. People wanted to get rid of these debates and protests etc. about different political parties and ideologies, the supporters of each group slamming each other, etc. So, a cleaner Facebook is on the way.

As Facebook is increasing its cleaner and polished approach to the platform, they are gaining insights into peoples’ actual preferences. People can provide their real-life feedback about whether they like this or not. Facebook will rank the political content in the News Feed of users using various signals. However, posts, comments, live, etc. from the Official Government of the respective country will be excused and allowed as before. An interesting thing is that Facebook is not removing political content altogether/completely. They are just limiting the extent of political content appearing on the News Feed of people to give them what they want more at the top of the profile.

However, political contents only make up 6% of the News Feed and complete Facebook for a random user. But Facebook will reduce political content and make that little percentage more limited. At present, some of the best ways to filter content in News Feed are:

  • Facebook Tools like ‘Favorites’ allow you to select which people and pages you like the most in your News Feed.
  • Facebook Options like ‘Snooze’ allow you to temporarily hide posts from a user, page, or group for like 30 days and so and so.
  • Facebook also provides you already the option to turn off Political Ads from your News Feed permanently.

After all these options, Facebook is thinking of something newer to maintain the balance of content. And, the newer approach is that Facebook will reduce political content. They are currently just testing out everything and once they learn more about the success and failure chances of this new step, they will let us know. However, there are some things to know about the platform itself.

Facebook – The monopolist King of Social Media

Facebook started its journey back in February of 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends. Right now, one can dub Facebook as the beast of Social Media platforms with no other platforms as popular and widespread as it is. Over the years, Facebook has gotten many updates and changes to its looks and features. However, sometimes it was good, and sometimes it was bad. The best thing is that Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others like these great companies.


Facebook is one of the Big Boys in the Tech world. They have all the power and resources to take measures as they like. Let us hope Facebook will reduce political content for the mass and not for self-benefit only.

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