OnePlus is now OneMinus – Here’s where the enthusiastic brand lost the game (Blog)

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OnePlus to OneMinus

OnePlus is now OneMinus, Here’s where the enthusiastic brand lost the game.

Official Website:

OnePlus was founded in 2013, by Pete Lau and Carl Pei (the latter is now with his own brand called, nothing.), with a vision of making users ‘Never Settle’ on the lower quality devices produced by other smartphone companies.

Lau had explained that

“We will never be different just for the sake of being different. Everything done has to improve the actual user experience in day-to-day use.” 

He also showed aspirations of being the “Muji of the tech industry”, emphasizing its focus on high-quality products with simplistic, user-friendly designs.

At first, it was an overwhelming experience for the tech enthusiasts to see such a promising brand delivering exactly what people were feeling missed in the existing smartphones.

OnePlus One – The first gift from OnePlus

The highly anticipated phone from OnePlus got the title of ‘The Flagship Killer’ of the year 2014.

They continued the journey with OnePlus 2, X, 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T, and the likes.

But what’s changed?

Well, look at the price to performance ratio of OnePlus One, and cross check it with the price to performance ratio of the latest from the brand OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus One – 299$ Launch Price

OnePlus 8T – 749$ Right Now

See the difference?

OnePlus, unfortunately, is not a value for money (maybe they are still, in some way or the other, the 8T is really a good phone though), flagship killer brand anymore.


Answer 1: They have been rebranding Oppo phones and Vivo phones and the likes and delivering almost the same thing as any other existing smartphone companies do.

We did not expect that from OnePlus right? I mean, in such a short period they gained such immense level of popularity and acceptance, for what? It was for their innovative measures and revolutionary products, all within the budget of the layman.

But just look at these:

OnePlus Still Relevant because of its desire to copy Apple

The Oppofication of OnePlus is getting worse

OnePlus copied the Iphone X


Link 1

Link 2

What started so well ended up being the same story, failure.

Answer 2: They themselves have turned in to one of the flagship producing brands.

They have just updated themselves to compete with the Big Boys, and while they surely started with a view of destroying the Big Boys, they are now, one of them.

However, we still pretty much love and admire OnePlus, and would love to see its comeback in one way or the other, but certainly not with the likes of Nord 10 or Nord 100, duh!

MKBHD here beautifully summarizes the company’s downfall and why they went to becoming one of the flagship killers to flagship:

The Brand remains one of the top notch companies out there, and they are manufacturing TVs, Headphones, Wearables, etc. to explore other fields too, and, they are doing good, pretty good.

The Final Words

Now, all we can say is that OnePlus, was a hope for people, when OnePlus, was, OnePlus, people had something to talk about, they knew OnePlus would bring something new, and better than the competition every once in a while, and they used to do that, but the oppofication of OnePlus did not play well in the end, and it should be stopped asap.

OnePlus should focus more on releasing unique products and just stop rebranding existing ones, which they are doing without any thinking.

However, Carl Pei has come up with a new game, let’s wait for it till it can bite off OnePlus or give us a new enthusiastic brand.

Till then, never settle.

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