Google makes a claim about Google Cloud Storage’s 99.999999999% powerful annual durability (News)

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Storage has always been well known for its cloud services. The only truly worthy opponent being AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) reigns the world of cloud computing and google cloud storage.

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Google has taken it one step further. Let’s take a look at their recent tweet:

Google claims that its Cloud Services offer at least ‘99.999999999%’ annual durability, meaning that if you got one billion objects, you can keep them for about 100 years without losing a single one.

Google in their blog post has made the humongous claim look real, they tried to explain how they ensure this ‘11 nines’ figure durability.

  • Physical Durability
  • Transit Durability
  • Human-Induced Risks Durability
  • Encryption Keys Durability

While the company holds up to their claims truly most of the time, the recent server down of Google indicated something massive.

The Information Chunk of the World is exploding.

The only question is – “Will Google and others like Amazon be able to cope up with it?”

Full Explanation about the power of Google Cloud Storage and its limitations

The eleven nines of durability that Google shows off with its Google Cloud service is very amusing to people. Of course, if anyone were to choose between any cloud company it would be Google at first but the nine digits make it look like they are cheating or playing games with us. So, they invited us to help them in this regard. Let us read more and help them make the Cloud a better, faster and more secure place for all.

The durability question is always posed as a threat to the mere existence of this cloud solutions. Google tends to not give a damn sh*t to these matters as they are engaged on making the durability the best in the world. Even with One Billion objects you will not face any problems whatsoever. You can go on for a century without having to worry about a single one amongst these billion objects!

Google has declared that they take durability over anything else and that is why they have mentioned several ways on how they save their cloud services. Some of them are discussed below:

The Physical Durability of the Google Cloud Storages

Google takes this a step further in terms of general people taking durability in mind. We can only think about reducing storage hardware failures, network problems connectivity solve, server side failure prevention. But Google thinks about software too. As a result, they maintain their software and optimize it to such a point where no problem would arise for the hardware itself.

As Google optimizes their software for the best hardware experience available and possible, they do not have to use more sophisticated hardware compared to others.

One of the ways Google Cloud Storage sends and stores data is that they break up the data into multiple data chunks and deliver them to the destination or keep them in different data server locations so that these data are not lost in case of a Data Centre failure. Even more, they also store several copies of metadata of the same object in different server locations to be able to access the data in case of a problem. In this case, Google makes use of the Erasure Coding Technology to reconstruct a missing object.

In case a natural disaster wipes out an entire region, Google Cloud offers you the perfect solution by spreading their data centers all over the world that. While uploading any data to Google Drive or any other Cloud Storage, data transit failure is almost to zero.


The best player in the market is Google. Let us hope for the best in the durability test for Google!

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