Google announces 1 new feature for Google Fit in Pixel Devices that can track your heart and respiratory rate, using your phone’s camera (News)

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Google can track your heart rate now

Google has just announced this new feature for Google Fit which is taking people in awe. It is an update regarding using Google Fit to measure the heart rate and respiratory rate just by using your phone’s camera and of course, for now, the phone has got to be a Pixel.

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Google had been running its #TheCheckUp Event for a couple of weeks now. Finally, we got to see another new feature for Google Fit.

Google stated that they intend to expand these amazing features to other Android phones too. Here is what Google says about using mobile phones to track your wellbeing.

Mobile or Smartphone devices have now transformed into essential daily products for people all over the world — from staying on the loop to taking pictures and accessing information. Thanks to sensors that are already built into mobiles — like your microphone, camera and accelerometer — these devices can also be helpful for daily health and wellness.


The new Feature for Google Fit will be available by next month in Google Pixel phones and you could easily measure your heart rate and respiratory rate.

New Feature for Google Fit – Everything You need to know!

Google Fit is quite a popular service from the Search Engine Giant Google. People use it as an assistant to monitor their health and well-being as well as to serve as a trainer for them. This service is available on all types of devices on Android. However, the full use of it can only be made by the Pixel users who use Google’s self-made smartphones of the Google Pixel series. Google has always given them way more things compared to us, such as the unlimited storage in Google Photos or YouTube Premium service included out of the box. Let us learn more about the new feature for Google Fit though.

Google has always been peculiar with their collection and showoff of new features to everyone around them. The tech companies are always waiting for Google to show something new and cool.

The thing about Google which mesmerizes us is that there are similar products on the market related to health and meditation or fitness, but the way Google captures the market is never achieved by other products or companies if that matters. They are always ahead of their competitors and know how to raise their share of people’s voices. The growth of Google and its products is not that easy to track therefore as they are always jumping up high in the sky. This new feature for Google Fit is one of the mediums of riding the stairs.

Why is it only for Pixel Devices?

As we all know, the Pixel lineup is Google’s only lineup of Smartphones and they want to raise a voice about their smartphones with new features and exclusive ones only available to their smartphones. This feature is only therefore at first coming to the Pixel users only. Not only this but also other premium features like YouTube Premium Subscription or Unlimited Storage at Google Services is exclusive for Google Pixel Phone Users.

They are like Google’s Elite level of Users who are entitled to services and offers like no one. And then comes the temptation of Google’s Mischievous Software Optimization with their phone’s camera system. The Cameras of Google Pixel phones are one of their key selling points and it is one of the biggest selling points actually. So, the new feature for Google Fit is only for the Pixels.


After a century, there can only be two scenarios, number one is that Google becomes the boss of the Internet World like no other company and there will be no other company present. Number Two is that Google will be divided up due to monopoly reasons and broken into different sub-companies which will become big companies again. Google is not going to be happy with the second one, but many people would be. Let us hope for the best of Google!

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