Google announces a new feature for Google Fit in Pixel Devices that can track your heart and respiratory rate, using your phone’s camera (News)

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Google can track your heart rate now

Google has just announced an update regarding using Google Fit to measure the heart rate and respiratory rate just by using your phone’s camera and of course, for now, the phone has got to be a Pixel.

Google had been running its #TheCheckUp Event for a couple of weeks now. Finally, we got to see another leap for Google Fit.

Google stated that they intend to expand these amazing features to other Android Phones too. Here is what Google says about using mobile phones to track your wellbeing:

Mobile devices have become essential daily tools for people all over the world — from staying connected to taking pictures and accessing information. Thanks to sensors that are already built into smartphones — like your microphone, camera and accelerometer — these devices can also be helpful for daily health and wellness.

The Feature will be available by next month in Google Pixel phones and you could easily measure your heart rate and respiratory rate.

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