WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date extended hopefully 1 time after major backlash (News)

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WhatsApp holds its privacy policy update

The Instant Messaging Platform, WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date has elongated regarding the poorly accepted Privacy Policy.

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Earlier Timing of the Update: 08/02/2021

Elongated Timing of the Update: 15/05/2021

WhatsApp Update
Image Source: XDA

WhatsApp got into a mess after they started prompting users to ‘agree’ to a privacy policy update, which would enable them to share ‘user info’ with Facebook. Millions of users left the privacy-focused platform seeing its new policy and experts criticized this decision. Now, the WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date has been extended.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has now stopped its policy update for a short period of time to clear the misconceptions regarding the policy.

The earlier timing of implementation was by the 8th of February, 2021 whereas now it has been taken up to May 15, 2021.

Within this period, WhatsApp hopes to earn back the trust of its users, though, the recent statistics indicate otherwise.

The WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date – What is wrong with it?

WhatsApp points out in their official privacy policy page about their policy helping them to explain their data practices. They have talked a great deal about how they are committed to our privacy and that they have a set of strong privacy principles in mind. In their updated recent privacy policy, they have added these things:

  • How they collect our data: You can now find more detailed and explained descriptions of WhatsApp regarding how and why and when they collect our data. The data collection sources are more transparently disclosed. The product features and functionalities have been given an upgrade and included in the policy keeping in mind the privacy of the users. More links and references can be seen on the policy page of WhatsApp now. The Help Center Articles and how one can manage their information can also be seen. You can understand the WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date extension after this.
  • Better Communications with Business Parties: People use WhatsApp for their business works and agencies. The Business profiles use Facebook and also other social media to continue their business, and as a result, WhatsApp is now more connected to the third-party services to deliver more appropriate and proper integration over the platforms.
  • Easier to Connect: Now, WhatsApp is fully integrated with Facebook and its other child companies like Instagram or Messenger for example. They are now combined in Chats, Groups, Calls, etc. everything you can possibly imagine. And the business manager of Facebook takes all of these to a whole new level.

You can find all of these summed up in the link here. The official Page of Key updates to the Policies of WhatsApp can be found there.

Now, let us see the amount and scale of information that WhatsApp receives from us when we decide to sign up for the platform and continue to use it for our personal or business needs and uses. WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date is after all extended for this.

Information they collect from us

  • Our Account Info: The basic info provided to almost all of the websites and/or services and applications worldwide while signing up for their platform is also needed here, e.g., mobile number, email, address, name, etc.
  • Our Messages with others: WhatsApp claims to not store our messages on their server and that is, however, true. As they always use the end user’s mobile or smartphone as the go-to server for using WhatsApp on that particular device. After delivering/sending the messages, it gets erased from their servers. However, the undelivered messages are kept on the platform for up to 30 days. The media forwarded on WhatsApp is kept on the server to provide additional advantage while delivering the same media to multiple users. But this is not the reason for the WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date to be extended right?

What they do with these

  • They use it in their services which is fine.
  • They use it for safety, security, and integrity which is fine.
  • They provide and share the user info with other Facebook companies – This is where the game becomes dangerous. And this is why the WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date has been extended.


Let us hope for the best in the future days of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Date is now still not passed.

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