Xiaomi introduces its amazing ‘Mi Air Charge’ Technology that’s able to charge more than 1 smartphone over the air (News)

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Xiaomi Air Charge

Xiaomi introduced its over the air charging technology recently and it was named as ‘Mi Air Charge’.

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The charging tech is still in the development process, however, Xiaomi has provided a pretty solid idea of how much they have advanced in it and have released videos, blogs, gifs related to the functioning of the next-generation wireless charging. 

This news has created a storming situation in the smartphone industry and by the time we are writing this news, we have confirmed data about Motorola developing their own Air Charge Technology.


Xiaomi is one of today’s most prominent smartphone brands founded in 2010, reportedly ranked at the fourth position after Samsung, Apple, Huawei. Someone might even rank them above others due to the immense number of smartphone sales. However, the reason why Xiaomi always stays on discussion is not that they are a premium brand already like Apple, it is because of the insane level of techs they develop consistently, and their newer inventions shock the whole smartphone industry and kicks them to work harder to compete with the level of Xiaomi.

More about Mi Air Charge – The Revolution

Air Charging has its own ups and downs. But, the best part here is that we are being saved from destroying unnecessary time in charging and can focus more on productivity while keeping the device on all day. Though the charging speed is not that great yet, we really cannot object because it is still in the development process. The prototype is expected to come around soon and let us see by which year Xiaomi finally decides to release it. The smartphone which will bring this technology into reality is going to be another bomb for sure.

However, the release date of that dream device seems to be really far, given that only a couple company like Xiaomi and Motorola are just announcing about working in this sector and testing out their prototypes. The real results will always differ from the lab results. Besides, the potential health concerns related to the waves flowing due to the air charging technology of Xiaomi are really something to be worried about.

Famous YouTubers like Mrwhosetheboss are making videos on this issue in detail and they are discussing the standard of Charging Xiaomi can really maintain when the idea comes into being. We still can only hope for the best Xiaomi can do, and wait for the day the dream comes true.

Potential Downsides of the Mi Air Charge Technology of Xiaomi

The downsides to this incredible tech are very few, yet they are to be concerned about:

  • Slow Charging compared to the wireless charging technology even. At present, Xiaomi has even released teasers of Wireless Charging capable of full charging in less than half an hour. Compared to that, the air charge is nothing at mere 5 watts.
  • Health concerns due to the continuous waves from the Charging Pile to the Device and the user being in between them.
  • The Size of the Pile being so big, that it seems almost laughable why anyone would just bring something that spacious to charge his/her smartphone at a slower speed than a much smaller brick.

All of these matters when taken together seem to be too much for the Mi Air Charge Technology of Mi to handle, but Mi is Mi. Who knows what they come up with at the last moment?

As they say, ‘Morning shows the day.’ Just like that, the morning of Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge seems very bright, the only thing left is its testing in real life. Best of luck, Xiaomi!

News Source: Xiaomi

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