Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, launched a new smartphone company called ‘Nothing’ (News)

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From the very beginning of OnePlus, Carl Pei showed his charisma with the marketing and product launch every now and then. People were missing him after he left OnePlus in September 2020.

Well, guess what? He’s back. He has come up with his own smartphone company nothing to rethink everything and start from scratch. 

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The Video published by the company tells us their core objective – “Changing everything we see on a normal smartphone”.

And as you can guess, this is going to be something big. A team of investors like that never fail in choosing the right party. For your assurance, here is a tweet from ‘nothing’ thanking their investors:

About Nothing

Nothing identifies itself as a new consumer tech company on a mission. The mission is – ‘To remove barriers between people and technology.’ The best way of accomplishing their mission, according to Nothing, is to design intuitive and smart tech that will improve our lives, not just get in its way. The brief introduction finishes off in class with the hope of helping people to unlock new and meaningful experiences even in real life. Here is a short timeline for the company and what it has achieved so far:

  • October 2020 – Company Creation
  • November 2020 – $7M Seed Financing Round
  • January 2021 – Unveiling Nothing
  • February 2021 – Raising $15M from GV (Google Ventures)
  • March 2021 – $1.5M in 54 seconds from the first community funding round. (It is the fastest project to surpass $1M via crowdfunding in Europe.)
  • March 2021 – Concept 1 (Design Principles)

The Ground above which Nothing stands

The smartphone industry is just in a race with each other throwing numbers at the consumers but nobody is thinking about innovating new aspects, doing something different. Just a boring number game going on for years now. Nothing wishes and expresses hope to surpass that and make something absolutely from Nothing. They really want to start all over again and rethink the whole foundation of the present smartphone industry all around the world. If something just even 1% close to what they are saying comes in being, this is going to be a ruckus. Let us hope for the best!

About Carl Pei

The genius marketer of OnePlus and one of the visionaries behind the massive company right now always tried to think from the user-end perspective. Hear the reason behind founding OnePlus at the first place from his mouth:

“We looked at all the phones in the market, and there wasn’t a single phone for ourselves to use.”

Carl Pei was the mastermind behind the first-ever virtual product launch. While he tried almost everything to keep OnePlus the way it should have been, things didn’t go his way. According to him, OnePlus was never meant to be a global company, rather just meant to deliver better phones in the Chinese market. Even then, he knew that the sales of OnePlus were going to be much higher in the global market, and gradually, the company started its shift from consumer tech to a commercial standpoint. That is when Pei thought it was time to look for other options. Then he left the company and focused all of his genius on nothing. I mean – ‘Nothing’.

Our Opinion

Nothing has been doing so great so far. However, their initial products will never unveil their true achievement. Whether this is going to be something different or not, whether or not this will be just another big talk small initiative type thing, only time can prove it. With that, we finish our news on Nothing, a new company by Carl Pei.

News Source: Carl Pei

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